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Default What size water tank?

My new lease has electricity but no water. I'm worki.g on putting together a portable tote with a 12v pump to use for quick shower and rinsing my kills after cleaning before they go in the cooler, and just some general light water usage. I've found some food grade 275 gallon big tanks but also some smaller 50-65 gallon tanks that would be easier to transport. Just getting some ideas on what sized y'all are using to get through a weekend at the lease.
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If you just want it to last the weekend,50 gallons is more than enough.
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When I had to haul water to my lease, I set up a 275 gallon tote at the lease with an RV on demand pump, and it fed my camper and a water hose to the cleaning station. I used 55 gallon plastic drums to haul the water to the lease. After getting the tote filled, I just brought a 55 gallon drum full each time I went, and never ran out of water unless something froze or broke.


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50 gal will do it
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275 gallon tote at camp and a 2nd tote to haul water when needed.

You will not need to fill often

Put a couple or 5 small chlorine tablets in it to keep algae down

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