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double bogey
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Default Lost Dog

As many of you know, I am recovering from major back surgery. We have a year old Boston terrier pup that we got last summer when she was 6 wks old.
Yesterday, I opened the back door so she could go out the dog door and have the run of the house and back yard. She usually goes out for a bit and comes back in to check on me, she didn't come in after a while. So I get up and go to the backyard, and she isn't there. I noticed a picket off the fence, probably from all the wind Sunday. I go out front, yelling here name, and looking everywhere I can, but I am walking with a cane, so cant go very far. Get my truck keys and search the neighborhood, she isn't anywhere. now I am really getting worried, she loves everybody, and loves every dog she sees. She has a dog tag on with her name and my cell phone number, but nobody has called yet. So I call my daughter, she mobilized on facebook and next door. Her and my grandson come over and scour the neighborhood, no luck. after a while a neighbor comes home and goes in her front door, and my grandson sees her shoo a black dog back inside. So he goes and knocks on the door and askes if they have seen our dog. The lady hands my dog to him. Now, they have seen me outside yelling for her, and she has my number on her collar. What the heck were they going with my dog? they have some French bulldogs, so they know purebred dogs are not cheap. We have speculated what they were doing, were they going to steal her? Were the going to hold her til a reward was offered? This was about a 3 hr ordeal.
These are strange people. at least 4 adult men live there with only one woman that I have seen. We think they are gypsys, not sure though, may just be hillbillys. Only one person appears to work.
I know, several years ago I would have most likely kicked (or at least tried to kick) the guy that was outsides tail. But I am sure those days are behind me, after fighting cancer for 3 years and dealing with 3 back surgeries in that time period and being 63 yrs old, I think any of my grandchildren might be able to take me, even the 6 yr old girl.
My daughter called the cops, who of course said there wasn't anything they could do. I wouldn't call them, I have usually taken care of stuff like this myself, if possible.
I have got to get well so I can finish the house remodel so I can get out of here. I cant leave until I can get max $$ out of the house, so I can pay cash, or have a very small note on a new place. I am not going to leave my wife with a mortgage.

Thanks for listening, just had to vent. Everybody knows how much these pets mean to their family, and it was tough on us thinking she was gone.
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Glad you got your dog back...…..
BT's are great dogs...….
Get well soon......
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