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Pope & Young
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Default 45 Long Colt reloaders

I’ve got a Ruger Bisley SBH in 454 Casull that I’d like to load some 45 Long Colt for. No need to go bezerk every time I shoot it. Looking for some decent mid range, “warmer than standard cowboy 45LC but not trying to be a 44mag” type load.

The only bullets I’ve got currently are 350gr hard cast for 454 loading, and a few 230gr RN for 45acp. I like to get some 200gr and maybe some 255gr to play around with. Not sure on specific powder just yet, as that will be determined based on availability. Something in the power range of Unique more than likely.

Any recommendations? These would be fun shooting loads, potentially pop a hog or deer with it, but nothing pushing the limits (I.e., “Ruger only” loads).
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Eight Point
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My favorite practice load for the 454 is the Hornady 230gr HAP with 14gr of unique using the 454 case and the standard small rifle primer. It pushes them at a little over 1400 fps and they are quite manageable but I wouldn't use this bullet for hunting. The same load with the Hornady 250 XTP works well for hunting. These are a little hotter than you requested but are what I have experience with in my 8" raging bull. Everything I load for in 45 colt is designed for a SAA.

Looking at quickload if you swap to 45 colt cases the 230gr RN will do 1000fps with 8gr of unique and close to 1200 with 10gr. Most of the plated bullets will handle up to these velocities. For your 350gr HC with 454 brass, 10gr of unique shows 1050 fps.

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Texas Grown
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I'll send ya a PM when I get home.

The fish are biting, and there's hogs to be kill-t. Gotta go!
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I know its hard to differentiate. But you would be better off down loading the 454 cases with a powder with a shotgun powder or something cheap like PB or something that will fill the case up. And you will get alot more life from the 454 cases then the 45LC case.
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I've got the blackhawk 45acp/45 colt convertible that I converted to a bisley grip. I run 255gr hard cast bullets over 9.5gr of unique. Accurate.
9-10grs of unique has to be just about the most universal load out there
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