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Default Hand cut Entry Table

So had some left over wood from the coffee table I made, and another week off from work. Bought myself a few more hand tools and started on making a narrow table for the entry way in our house using more traditional wood joints. Really should make myself a workbench first...

I wanted dovetails on the top connecting the legs since most of the stability will come from this joint.

So started by measuring out where the 2x4 legs would center on the 1x6, and marking where my dovetails should be. I'm really using two half tail keys and a center dovetail since it will center in the 1x6 instead of meeting at the corners with a shoulder cut.
After measuring out and marking, got to cutting with my new cheapo backsaw. Removed the waste with a copig saw (the next day since the cheapo Ace saw snapped in half after one waste cut). Chiseled to eye measured flushness. Did it again on the other side.

Then propped the tails on the legs to mark pin cuts. Would have gone a lot better with an actual workbench lol. Made it work and made the cuts, rough chisel etc.then test fit. Chiseled a bit more but rushed myself and ended up making it too tight and splitting the pine a little on the right hand set. Nothing i can't fix up later. Came back to it later and took my time with the second set of pins and had a little splitting still but not bad.

Now I need to decide how to stabilize it so my son /dog brushing past doesn't knock it over. Thinking eitherpedestals on the leg feet or two 1x6s on the back end as a bit of an "anchor". Also going to add a 1x6 lower between the legs using tenon joints to add a seco d shelf. Or put that at the bottom with a cutout for the legs and a small triangle pedestal/triangle brace where it meets the feet.
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