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Default Hunter style sausage and boudin

Is it normal for most people who duck hunt to say... You can have my ducks! I some how was gifted (if you want to call it that) a 6 man limit of ducks from our hunt last week. I probably spent a few hours cussing as I was plucking some and breasting some while keeping the livers, hearts and gizzards from all the ducks. Plus keeping all carcasses for making stock.. I'll start out by saying I HATE liver but i also don't like wasting things if i can help it. So with all these ducks I followed Hank Shaw's recipes for Hunter style duck sausage and boudin using the livers, gizzards and hearts. Both sausage turned out great for my first run.The hunter style sausage has a good duck flavor spiced with the caraway seed and juniper berries. The taste of the boudin is spot on but I will add more stock next time even though i thought my mix was really wet before casing it. I smoked the boudin over hickory for 3 hours. We also made a few boudin balls from the leftover and it was GOOD!
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Looks good. Will have to give that a try
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