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Default Barbecue pulled venison

Made this the other day after getting tired of trimming up meat for grind and wanted something a littl different. Kinda just threw it together and it came out really good.

I used neck meat for this and just trimmed off the tallow and left all tendons and silver skin cause they’ll soften up and melt away. Rump roast would also be good or even part of a shoulder.

~3lbs of roast meat (cubed would probably be easier to pull when done)
~2/3 cup water
~1/3-1/2 cup chicken broth
-1 cup barbecue sauce of choice
-1 diced onion
-bit of olive oil
-bit of Worcestershire sauce

Put all ingredients in crock pot and mix (w/o meat). Turn on pot to low heat warming the mixture. When warm place meat in crock pot, make sure there is enough of the liquid mixture that the meat is submerged. Add more water, broth, BBQ sauce if needed. Cover and set for 6 hours on low. Once done remove meat, pull apart/chop, then place back in pot with liquid mixture. Scoop and serve. Save leftovers cause it’s even better the next day.

Hope y’all try it. If you do give some feedback whether you changed it up or followed what I did.
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