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Default Photo Contest Rules

1. We will have 1 thread, located in the Photography Forum for photo submissions.

2. Entries are restricted to 1 per participant. If you post more than 1 on the thread you are automatically disqualified for that month's competition.

3. I'll start it off by picking a theme for the remainder of this month. Pictures must be submitted by midnight the last day of the month.

4. By the 5th day of the following month a winner will be chosen by the previous month's winner.

5. The person whose picture is chosen will then select a topic for the following month's assignment.

6. The person in charge of one month will then select a winner for that month. The winner from that month will then select a topic for the following month. We will repeat this rotation from month to month, but the winner of one month will not be eligible to be the judge the following month. In other words, you can't select your own photo.

7. Critiques on ways to use lighting, shutter speed, composition and other factors to improve photo quality are accepted and encouraged. Hopefully participants will be open to constructive criticism and suggestions.

8. If someone wants to use photoshop it is allowed, to the point the original subject and content has not been altered beyond reality.

9. Lobbying for one's own photo is not necessary. Just post the pic and perhaps the EXIF information.

10. Try to keep topics as outdoor-related as possible. Creative interpretation of topics is encouraged.

Everyone get out and have fun. That is what this contest is all about.
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