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bcj jones
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Default Optimizer lite vs Hogg Father Fast eddie

I bought an HHA optimizer lite to try and see if I liked the single pin. I’m definitely a fan so I started looking around for a “better” sight. Found a barely used Fast Eddie XL single pin for $160. I shoot the HHA just fine but I’m wondering how much better or the advantages of something like a Fast Eddie XL? Y’alls opinions?
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I love my fast Eddie with the double pin, well built and the second pin is nice if you need to make a yardage adjustment quickly. Never shot a hha, so not really any help there
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Well, better is subjective...

HHA builds great sights, and they build better sights than the Optimizer Lite. IMHO, the Fast Eddie XL is a level or two above the Optimizer Lite.

The main two reasons are the extended bar and 3rd axis adjustment on the Fast Eddie XL. I also like the front knob position better, but that's pretty personal.

If you like the distance from the riser (and it fits your peep), no 3rd axis adjustment and the rear pointer; then the Optimizer Lite is a great sight.
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I just sold my optimizer lite and my TG Ranger Rover Pro for the Fast Eddie XL 2 pin. I like that the fast Eddie has multiple housing rings so peep alignment is easy even with it out to it's furthest position. Another one that would be good is the HHA Optimizer kingpin. I don't think you can go wrong with either, but as Rat said, from the O.L. the Fast Eddie XL is a few jumps up, and at $160 that's a steal. My two pin XL on eBay was $240.

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