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Default Harbor Freight Mini Chop Saw (Heads Up)

For those of you who are using the Harbor Freight 2in MINI Bench Top Cut-Off saw.

Harbor freight also has metal blades that work great for cutting arrow shafts of all material.

The blade/wheel to look for is - 3in 4 6G Metal Cut Off Wheel - stock number is 61151

Yes, it's a 3" wheel (don't make them in 2"), but it fits the arbor perfectly, and really does a great job cutting the shafts.

The only draw back to it being 3" is - you either have to remove the guard over the wheel, or modify it to work for the 3" like I did here

What I did for the guard:

Cut a piece of wood to fit the top of the plastic guard, and thick enough to adequately close of the wheel when installed.

Glued the wood to the plastic, then slowly installed it onto/over the wheel while running.

Once the cut reached the depth to accommodate the wheel I gave it a little more pressure to cut some clearance between the wheel and the top of the slot.

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I wondered how they would work. I actually bought some blades. Danged if I know where they went though. Recently got rid of my saw.


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Eight Point
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I had no idea they made one that small , thanks for the heads up.
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Thanks s what I use to cut down 223 to make 300 Blk brass
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