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Default Elk Hunting Arrow (Spine and FOC Options)

Hey All,

I am hopefully going to draw an elk tag this year and go on an archery elk hunt. I will most likely also buy a new bow for the hunt (either a Bowtech Experience or Bowtech Insanity CPXL)

My draw length is 30" and I usually draw around 65 lbs but I want to ensure I am properly spined or slightly over spined all the way to 70 lbs.

I am trying to build a 500 grain arrow (or slightly heavier up to 550 grains) with a decent FOC. I will most likely shoot a slick trick broadhead in the 125 grain size and put a 75 grain brass insert weight into the arrow. I am shooting for a FOC of around 15% - 20%.

I am looking at three different set ups and wanted to get your input on the spine and durability / accuracy of these different arrow combinations.Take a look and let me know what you think.

  1. My current arrow is the .340 FMJ, cut to 29.5" long with the normal aluminum insert, 3 blazer vanes and a 100 grain slick trick magnum. Overall weight is 480 grains and FOC is pretty low at 9.8%

  2. Stick with 340 FMJ but remove the normal insert and install the HIT 75 grain brass insert. This would bump my total weight to ~537 grains with a FOC of 14.7% I fear this would be drastically underspined and I realized it will be hard for me to build a higher FOC arrow without a .300 or above spine shaft

  3. Beman ICS Speed 300. I would install the 75 grain insert and use a 125 grain head. Still using blazer vanes on this setup. This arrow would weigh 492 grains with an 18.1% FOC

  4. Beman ICS Hunter Pro 300. I would install the 75 grain insert and use a 125 grain head. Still using blazer vanes on this setup. This arrow would weigh 509 grains with an 17.5% FOC

I want to improve FOC while keeping weight somewhat low since I plan to use these arrows on whitetail and hogs as well.

I think either of these bows could push these arrows along at a decent velocity.


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You are correct on the spine. With the setup you listed, you may still be light on the spine even with the 300's. You may need around .275 spine, but not sure. I would much rather be overspined rather than underspined.

I am lucky with a 28" GT 75/95 with a normal insert, 150 grains of rear insert weights and a 100 grain Ramcat. Underspined, but they shoot like darts. 560 grains total weight with a speed of 270 out of a 70# bow and 29" draw. Right at 19% FOC.
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