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Default lightweight Ar build

I've had leftover parts for a while and i was watching a shot show 2022 video and ran across a cool lightweight handguard so i decided to order one and see how light i could make my 20" gun that still slings pills over 3000ft/s.
Handguard is made by fostech and it scaled at 5.5 ounces with barrel nut ! 3.3 ounces by itself .. and that's a 13" long magnesium alloy handguard.
sling point on the front as well as a small rail section.. that's all i need.

barrel is a 20" faxon pencil 1/8
vg6 gamma brake
aero precision lower
upper receiver ?? not sure of brand... no Fw assist though.
minimalist stock
low mass bcg
standard buffer (could save an ounce or two with silent captured spring from another gun in the safe... might do that)
bad lever
ext charging handle

total comes to 5.3lbs ! not bad for a 20" gun

add to that optic ... trijicon rx01 amber triangle and we're at 5.8lb all up

I could have saved a couple of ounces there going with my holosun , but i like the tritium fiber optic nonsense and qd of the rx01.. it rocks!

grip is a hogue and fairly heavy , but i really like the way it feels , so for now it stays!

now that it's finished , i just need to shoot it again and see how neutral it shoots... i had installed a few different brakes on it before to find the most neutral one but now the weight balance has changed a bit, so we'll see .

here is a video i did before swapping out the stock and handguard .. it didn't move much before..
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