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Ten Point
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Default School me on rotary cutter maintenance...

Have two older shredders that need some work. One is a 4' Rhino that just needs u-joints on the drive shaft and some frame welding done on a few breaks. The other is a 5' shredder (brand?) that is in decent shape and just need blades sharpened and the blade bolts replaced.
Where can I find parts? When do you change blades? How often do you lubricate moving parts?
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pure lefty
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I grease it before every use, as far as parts, check your local tractor dealers. The website Tractorbynet is a good source of info. I’m having new blades and input seals put on my 10’ now. Mine is a custom built by Crockett Iron Works in Crockett, Texas. The owner, John is very knowledgeable about all farm equipment and probably answer your questions.
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Eight Point
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One thing I have learned about replacing the u-joint bearings. Apparently , when you are shredding, it puts a lot of stress on the yokes. Sometimes when you press the old bearings out, it is almost impossible to put new ones in because the yokes are "sprung".

When you get the old ones out, the holes seem like they don't line up anymore. I am not sure this happens all the time, but in my experience, I have had to replace the yokes and all. (but this was an older shredder that had really been abused).

Hope you don't have this problem.
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Pope & Young
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Grease all zerk fittings daily.
Check gear box/boxes oil Level.
If it has a slip clutch loosen and make sure it slips. Then retighten. This will save your u joints.
If it has shear bolts use the correct grade.
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