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Ten Point
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Default Anyone hunt with a hinge release?

I've always used an index release until this turkey season, when I switched to a thumb trigger. It's worked out fine, but I just bought a hinge, and I'm now a danger to anything within 180 degrees of my intended target. Is it possible to get good enough with a hinge to use it to hunt? (what Levi Morgan, Chris Bee, or John Dudley use isn't applicable to mortals like me)
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Pope & Young
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Never heard of a hinge release. Did you get it at Home Depot?
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Eight Point
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Been hunting with a back tension release for 7-8 years now... The way I see it is if I don't have enough time to follow the process of the back tension, than I shouldn't be taking the shot!
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Wile E.
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You were way ahead of me lol, my first thought when I saw the title is a Levi Morgan video where he talks about the benefits of a back tension/hinge for hunting. I bought a hinge release from the classifieds on here a while ago and have shot it some, not exclusively. My opinion is that I absolutely would feel comfortable hunting with it in the sense that I am in control of when the shot goes off and how I aim, BUT my problem is I just don't shoot that release very well at all. My original release is the cheapest TruFire wrist release you can think of and with it I am able to shoot Xs consistently at 20 yds, but somehow with my super nice hinge release I am hardly able to consistently find the target circle. I'm hoping to improve with it this summer and would consider hunting with it if I get better, but at the end of the day I'm going to hunt/shoot with whatever I shoot the best. I will say that as far as the wrist-strap vs handheld debate, I don't think it makes as much difference as some would say. If I can carry my phone/wallet in my pocket, I can carry my release too and not worry it will get lost.
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Ten Point
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I do. I have to if I want to make good shots on animals consistently. Shooting my thumb on targets is fine, get a animal in front of me and I hit the knob so hard it’s gonna break off one of these days

Shot a pig 2 weeks ago with a UltraView, the click is a lifesaver for me. Best thing I did for drawing and not punching myself in the mouth is setting it cold to the click then having the shot hot
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I’m on the fence on this too. Just learning hinge this year. I shoot it pretty well on targets, but I’m not sure about animals yet. Will probably try pigs first. I have it cold as I’m learning but may juice it up a little.

On the flip side, I like my Truball Abyss Flex a lot for hunting. I have a cheap hinge but I plan to buy a Fulkrum Flex maybe eventually.
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Old 04-28-2021, 06:54 PM   #7
Ten Point
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Been shooting a hinge for hunting going on 2 years now. Switched to it because I had a really tough time punching the **** out of my thumb release while hunting. It takes a bit of practice getting used to but once you get the process down and consistent there’s nothing better. I get the shakes like crazy shooting at any animal with my bow but that is still a work in progress for me. I will say some people like the releases with a clicker, I do not. I flipped the moon on mine to remove the click.

Something to remember with hinges, they will show a break down in form more than any release. Thus, practice makes perfect.
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Ten Point
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I use one to hunt with. Especially with deer hunting here in Texas. For hunting I use one with a little hotter click than I do for targets. I like having a click so I know where I am at on the release.
For elk or spot and stalk I probably take my thumb with me more than a hinge.

Like everything else what works for one person won't for another...If I haven't been shooting much, I am probably better served to just punch the heck out of a thumb than sitting there trying to hold on a shot, watch the pin dance around and then start thinking about several different things, instead of just going through my shot process.
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Dusty Britches
Pope & Young
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I used one for target for many years and 2 years ago I started using a hinge release for hunting. I won't go back to a thumb or index. It is so easy for me and I've never had a bad shot with it.
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