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Dusty Britches
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Question Condensation on Game Camera

I have a wireless camera set up over my hog trap and I know I trapped some pigs but I can't see anything due to condensation. This happens quite often.

Do you all have any suggestions for reducing condensation?
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Ten Point
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A buddy of mine told me to use shaving cream on lenses to keep them from fogging up, my thought was to try Rain x. Eventually I need to try something, probably look for some Rain X at some point, I may try the shaving cream idea, not sure how that will do for rain on the lens.
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My Coverts seems to really pick up any moisture in the air. I've been there hunting at the same time and it really wasn't foggy like the pictures appeared. I don't think it is condensation on the lens but maybe I have been wrong all this time.
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