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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Carpenter shorts are great range shorts - built in quiver

Great idea for texas shooters:
Anyone ever try carpenter shorts at the range for a simple quiver for target arrows? The deep "tool pocket" on the side of the legs works pretty well.
I would not want to walk through dense brush this way, but for target points/range walking it seems to work pretty well. I carry my arrows by hand from target to shooting location, then stuff them in the pocket to draw as needed.

Things I may improve.. if I get interested enough in this: Add a simple loop off my belt to support near my hip, would take all of 5 min with some paracord or old leather belt. Make a small leather pocket to reinforce / protect the fabric- 20 min while watching TV.

If there are arrow holders near your shooting position.. much better . If not, might be worth considering, and they are decent shorts anyway. There are cheaper versions than below that use regular cotton, I splurged as these were a gift to me from wife. max-duck-carpenter-shorts/DX802.html? dwvar_DX802_color=SMS

This is a copy of a post I did on another forum, trying to get my posts up here so I can IM folks... but not "trolling" , rather hoping to add interesting value I have found in past.
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Ten Point
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I like your idea. I’m notorious for shooting in shorts if the temps are over 55, and this being Texas, well, I wear shorts almost year round, lol. I hate wearing a belt quiver, but sometimes I don’t have a choice. Cargo shorts with an arrow support might just work!
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Nubbin' Buck
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Used again this weekend. We had a young fellow (10 yrs old) in a competition myself and a bunch of other novices with recurves to hit the balloons at 10yds.

Each shooter went to line, shot, if successful "wins" opportunity to sit out.. and another shooter steps up. I tried NOT to hit the balloon, but get JUST under it. Failed on my third attempt, but man did the kids have fun "so close!"

I put my arrows in the tool pocket and forgot about them as I cycled up and back. Priceless! Seriously simple, and you ALWAYS have a quiver ready, dont have to run back to pack, etc. I suppose I could just get in the habit of putting in a pocket quiver, but this is so easy. I am going to pick up a set of pants for the winter!
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Geezy Rider
Pope & Young
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I wear bib overalls most days. I’ve carried my arrows in that leg pocket for years. Very handy.
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