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Default weighted inserts for bemans

looking to increase my FOC on beman 400s. currently i have a 400grain setup with 100gr heads. trying to beef up setup for an elk hunt this fall. looking at 50 grains or so. there is seemingly an endless variety on various websites and amazon. any recommendations?
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I actually use 1/8" allthread road you can buy from Home Depot and Lowes in 3 foot lengths. With the mirco diameter arrows this is the only way to really customize your front weight unless you buy weighted inserts which can be limited in choices. Just cut the length you need and thread it into the back of the insert. I use a little super glue so it stays. Make sure you have a field point in the insert when you do it so you don't run the allthread piece in too far into the insert. You can also install these 'weights' into the back of arrows you already made up. Just tape the cut piece of allthread to the end of a full 3' stick of it and run down to the back of the insert through the back of the arrow. Again use a little bit of super glue on it. Once it threads in you just pull back and the cut piece pulls out of the piece of tape.
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If your goal is to build FOC the most effective way to do so is by adding tip weight not insert weight. So before you decide to fool with all the effort maybe just buying heavier heads might be the best and most simple solution. If your 400s will like an additional 50 grains is another discussion all together. If you decide to go the insert route gold tip makes a tool that will allow you to add weight through the rear of the arrow using the proper weights. Another possible option could be; depending on the arrow length and setup, cutting the existing arrow down enough to remove the old insert and go back with the appropriate amount of weight. 50 grains is enough to see a difference in flight and make the arrow act differently depending on hows its set up now.

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75 gr brass inserts should do the trick. Easton makes them for all the 6mm shafts.

I'm you know, but if you add a ton of weight up front your 400 spine will fly different.
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