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Ten Point
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Default Time for new gadgets and gizmos

With all the new gear/updated equipment models coming onto the market, i have not had time to catch up due to work and such.

I really need to get a new rangefinder (preferably with ARC) and a new wrist release.

Whats some of you guyís recommendations. Trying to stay around $200 (flexible) for rangefinder and 1-125(ish) for the release. Both are pretty worn out.

Never really had a good quality rangefinder before so I donít really know what to look for. And my old release is a trufire dual caliper. Thinking of a single caliper (hook style) or just a single opening caliper.

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Nubbin' Buck
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I'm a fan of vortex. Got the Impact 1000 this year and like it a lot.

Can't speak to wrist releases, as I'm a thumb trigger guy.
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Iím not sure that the arc capabilities on a rangefinder would be worth an upgrade for me.
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Take a look at the TruFire Hardcore Foldback release. TruFire has had their fold back releases out for a few years but I just recently discovered them. I have been shooting this release for a while now and love it for hunting. The release will fold back out of the way while you are climbing into your stand or looking through binoculars, etc.
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Pope & Young
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Bowhunters Choice by NIKON has been excellent for me under all conditions. I have a VORTEX but too dark at certain times to see the numbers, plus no adjustments to fix that issue. I loss my first NIKON after 3 years or so and bought another one. I don't get range finders that are for bow and rifle however. Not sure whats in that market to be honest. ARC is a must for any bowhunter worth his salt and very common now on rangefinders.
I have shot SCOTT forever and it has worked in every conceivable crappy situation I have hunted under. I started with a caliper many years ago but about 4 years ago went with single hook. They are more expensive than TruFire, etc but I am sold on the product.........and bullet proof!
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