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Four Point
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Default School Me on Hunting Arrow Build

Alright, I drank the ranch fairy kool-aid built a heavy set up with the sirius apollo arrows and 200 grain head. Came in somewhere just north of 600 grains. I was shooting a Diamond Carbon Cure 30 draw lenght and 70# draw. Was getting outstanding groups out to 45 yards really liked my groups and felt confident with the arrow. I just cant get over how slow it was shooting though. I had the itch for a new bow for sometime. Took Uncle Joe's stimi check and bought a Mathews V3 31. This bow is lights out! Set it up using my old Easton Bloodline Arrows in 330 spine. 50 grains of brass up front and 100 grains heads, arrow weight right at 440 grains.

I'm really wanting be closer to 500 grain mark. I feel that is more of a happy medium between the 2 setups. Really like the Easton HEXX arrows and want to use a heavier 2 blade head.

What are some suggestion on arrow build. Head? 3 or 4 fletch? Arrow? Really looking to get away from my Bloodlines.
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Out of curiosity, did you kill anything with the heavy set up?
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There are some good tuning methods. The ranch fairy method is not it. I wrote on the tip replacement method back in 2017. I stopped teaching it the same year. Realized the flaws.

Unless you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of tuning and set up arrows, the best way is to get a spine program. ontarget is the one I would look at.

With the program, you can look at and build different setups and find the one you like.

Shooting a big fixed head makes sure you are at least 15% FOC. More is good.

Three fletches are all you need.

Broadhead type is all opinion. But cutthroat is a good head.
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Pope & Young
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Stick to your Bloodline build and spend your time practicing your shooting that you wasted worrying about arrow builds.

We love you Ranch Fairy suckers. Come buy all the expensive arrows and components from me and when you figure out how bad it sucks, come buy another set.

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Does your 440 shoot good? If so then roll with it, don’t think you will shoot something and say; man I wish I had 60 more grains

But if your wanting to go away from them. Can’t go wrong with Easton axis or black eagles

Some setups like 4 fletch some 3. I think it depends on how much helical you put on them. As for broadhead, with that setup you can shoot mechanicals and fixed.
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