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Ten Point
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Originally Posted by Atfulldraw View Post
An appraiser is likely your best solution.

Ill help you find a good one.

Billy Walkowiak at Collision Safety Consultants

follow atfulldraw advice he knows what he is talking about when it comes to insurance claims.

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Did this ever get worked out Marty?

Hope they did you right
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Johnny Dangerr
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Both of our new cars have a full replacement policy. It's only a few dollars more a month and if one of them gets stolen - Farmers has to put a brand new car back in our driveway. They will only sell it to you for the first week you own your new ride.
Hope you got a good outcome sir...
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Originally Posted by mooney_ag View Post
Im still arguing with on the valuation of a vehicle when hit by their driver. The original adjuster and appraiser left options off the list and gave a condition notes of good condition. They changed the options when challenged but wont seem to budge on the condition notes including refusing to clarify or adjust. Stating the rating criteria is proprietary. One of the option they said was cloth seats when car had leather so how can they stand by other statements. One clairification they did make before ending correspondence was on tire good condition that was considered good between 11/32 and 5/32 tread depth. The tires from the mfg come at 10/32. So how can a new tire just be in good condition. When noting comparable vehicles they take off $$ for a conditional adjustment from the comparison vehicles being rated better than good. So frustrating.

Any recommendations on legal steps or other. There last correspondence is they stand by their valuation or I can contact my insurance carrier.
Go through your insurance and have them settle with the other company. Usually your insurance company will treat you right then they will collect from the other one. That's what I did on my totalled truck and I came out pretty good. They paid me more than I paid for truck to begin with and that 15 years ago.

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I am no help but I am starting to see a lot more new TRX's on lots these days. I've seen them at a few other CJDR dealers here in town as well. If you are looking for one, Mac Haik had 3 this morning, white, black, and red.

Cool trucks, and I hope you get yours sorted.
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You need to get a beater for leaving at the air port or uber there.
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