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Default Mature deer aging on the hoof

I feel like I have a pretty good idea on aging from fawns to 5ish, after that it's a crapshoot. I also feel like once they're OLD OLD (whatever that might be, 8-12?) I can see it. It's the 5-8ish that I have a hard time seeing a difference in. Ex: I can't tell the difference in a 5yr old vs a 7 yr old.

Having said that, I got a new little piece of tx this summer, and put out a couple of cameras. Not in a big buck area, but that's not too important to me. My goals in hunting have pretty well turned into wanting to kill a mature animal, (have been this way for several years now) big horns are a plus, but the age is what gets my ticker going. Specific age is not as important in general, 5+ is good for me, but this property I'd like to bump that number up. Problem is, as said earlier, I can't tell the difference. Enough rambling. This is the first mature deer I have got pics of, and I'm fairly confident that he makes the 5+ group, is he older than 5? What are your thoughts. I know his headgear isn't much, bit this isn't about that. Tried to include as many angles and positions as possible.

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