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Default Sheath build along

Had a couple of folks want some knife sheaths, since I hadn't done many over the past year, I felt obliged to get back into the garage and hammer some out.

First guy is our pool guy, nice feller, wanted a couple of Buck 110 sheaths. I doubt anyone likes Buck 110 (or copies) more than myself. I said sure Junior, what do you want. One black and one brown with "BA" stamped and in white. Nuff said.

Then, a yahoo from somewhere south Texas wanted me to make a couple of sheaths for some Gerbers for a co-worker, sure, what do you want. Plain, brown, and make sure the knife is secure. Yes Sir (paybacks a biotch).

So here we go, I can call this a build-along thread, but if it gets deleted I'm not out more than an hour.

Buck 110, since Junior wanted a 110 sheath, I got out my trusty weekend/hunting carry knife for a mold, and realized I couldn't get that in a good pic, so I cleaned it with the buffer. And then I thought, what do my other 110's 112's and copies look like, so I cleaned them all. Pics 1-3.

Pics 4-5 is the patterning, just draw it out on a folder. Hint- if it was easy, everyone could do it.

Pics 6-10 is getting in roughed in, takes me some time.

Pics 11- 15 is the tedious work, but it looks nice. This is where you can see every mistake as you go, but in the end, most wouldn't.

Pic 16 is the pain. With the Gerber sheaths I used a double welt, anyone have a good option to punch through 4 layers of 7-9 ounce Veg tanned I'm all ears.

Pics 17-21 are the finished products. The pool guy got his sheaths this morning in the pool pump controls, the Gerber sheaths are in the hands of our Nations finest mail carriers to somewhere in south Texas.

All leather was from Tandy leather, black dye and brown dye was Tandy water based. Final finish was Fiebings Neetfoot oil and Fiebings Leather sheen. All 4 sheaths were hand sewn, and a few other things I forget as I'm working it. Again, if it was easy- anyone could do it.

I know the pool guy was pleased, hopefully the guy in S. Texas will be.
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Looking pretty good
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looks good
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I may or may not have seen/have possession of two of those ....and they are indeed bad arse!

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