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Default Mission hype DTX by Mathews

Does anyone have any experience with this bow at all I have recently purchased one and it will be here about Friday the 11th and was wondering what is necessary to upgrade from what I read its a 2017 mission hype DTX and retailed for 825$ but I have also seen it for 599$ I found mine on ebay in great condition for 239.99$ so it was a steal it was on ebay for a total of 3 hours when I bought it what should I expect and what should be replaced?

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I would swear I replied to this last night...

The hype is a grow-with-you bow, meaning it has a large draw length and draw weight adjustment range. They are meant to be a small framed archer bow or beginner bow.

As such, it will not be very fast and without limb stops it has a very generous valley and mushy backwall; neither of those are relatively bad things. It just means you need a great anchor and well tuned draw length.

You should inspect everything, check the cams for nicks and burrs, check the string for wear and give everything a general look over for abuse, excessive wear and neglect.

I would replace the string on any used bow, but you can make that determination when you inspect the string.

Don't expect flagship performance, but it will get the job done.
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