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Eight Point
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Default Ouachita WMA Squirrels

Heading up to Ouachita Mtns for Christmas. The youngest and I may harass squirrels while we are up there. Anyone have any very top secret, stick a finger in your eye if you talk squirrel spots they have held on to for years and now that your brother-in-law is no longer your brother-in-law you are just dying to spill the beans and tell someone about them?

Really, I know it's not bow hunting, although I guess it could be, but other than trompsing around the pines looking for hard to see greys or sloshing through the creek beds looking for fox squirrels, I'm don't have much to go on. With duck season in the tank so far and our deer draw showing exactly two bucks at 406 yards I'm not exactly up for dad hunter of the year yet. Help is appreciated even if your ex brother-in-law may show up at your house one day!
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First thing is.... you will find more fox squirrels in the pines and more greys in the hardwoods. Just the opposite of what you mentioned.
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If your hunting greys take a shotgun! I use my O/U 28 gauge, my son uses his O/U 20 gauge.
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There's a lot of land on the North side of the mountain that I haven't stepped foot on. Lucky for you this zone is closed for the Christmas doe hunt, or there would be a ton of hunters.

While there are lots of interesting places I've only seen on sat maps on the north side, I'll speak about the places I've actually had feet on the ground.

For a squirrel hunt this time of year I'd likely start at the top of the mountain and work my way down.

Starting at the Winding Stair Campground and heading on the trail initially headed north but ultimately heading south towards Billy Creek.

Outside of deer season, I may take the alternate route and start at Billy Creek.

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Thanks for the info. The cabin is just north of Page, which may or may not be an actual place, but it's on the map and is between stoney creek road and hwy 59. Black Fork Mountain and stoney creek may be the places we hunt as they are each within a mile. We're going to work our way towards one of them and see what we see. Youngest will carry his shotgun, I'll carry the 22. All squirrels seen will be harmed on this jaunt.

I don't know if we'll get over to winding stair. Is it worth the drive or is all that country about the same?

It's been near 45 years since I chased a squirrel. I'm looking forward to it!

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