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Originally Posted by neilmc70 View Post
We pay enough to support the ones who dont have insurance very similar to health insurance!
Why complain?
That's everything you do in life.
Microsoft sets the price of its products with knowing that some folks will steal their software and then they will give a bunch of software away to schools and universities for free.

If you paid $1200 per year for car insurance and never used it how would you feel after 10 years if your rates kept increasing?
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Originally Posted by Dusty Britches View Post
Everyone keeps talking about libetals moving into the state but I believe the Millennials are the largest liberal voting block. Many youngsters I know were born and raised in Texas with conservative parents are voting liberal.

Iím a millennial. Graduated high school in 2011 from a rural town with a population of 15k or so. Went to a college in a small town of 8k or so.

The goobs in college was unreal. We had our liberals in high school but those at college were far more.

Youíre exactly right. Many folks who were born in a conservative household turned up liberal.

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