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B. A.
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Originally Posted by medic1042 View Post
Had a great time at Elephant Mountain WMA. Staff were great, plenty of info and assistance. Helped me immensely. Scouted for about 3 hrs and put two blinds up over water. Heard one gentleman holler out "dont waste time putting up blinds, you'll waste time", well...You can spot more mulies/deer if you move around and glass then spot/stalk if you see something. To me that is ok if you do it early morning and maybe mid to late afternoon, but your odds of blowing the stalk or jumping game and messing up your area are greater than if you still hunt over feed/water or travel corridor(pinch point). I chose water close to good cover or ease of escape up mountain with most and recent animal sign. I sat at a small ground stock tank that had the freshest sign I saw in regards to deer/elk tracks. It paid off the first evening. My shot was a little high for my liking but he came in just as I hoped with my set up. maybe 18 yard shot. My blind was up against an old big willow tree. He stopped and looked at me when he got in the water and I didn't wait. My game camera got a picture of him just prior to him stopping and looking at me.(Last picture is game trail pic). He went total about 40 yards into a deep drainage with the tallest sunflowers and Johnson grass out there.. pain in the *****. 5 ppl to load him onto the truck and back to the cooler. Thank goodness they installed this. 3 hours for my methodical quartering. Back home now and feel a little rested. No one else scored from what I was told. Cant wait to get a draw on the gun there and finally get a nice mulie.

*Cross bow (Centerpoint Sniper 370) with 325 grn. Bloodsport 20" bolt, topped with 100 grn. Dead Ringer Hyper Strike braodhead and a Nocturnal Launchpad lighted nock did the trick.

Enjoy the pictures!
Congrats!!! that's awesome! I hunted there about six years ago during an archery hunt and they told us about the elk possibility. Didn't see any but did see a group of aoudad rams. They didn't like seeing them around because of the desert bighorns. Beautiful country and an awesome hunt.
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This is awesome! Iím definitely putting in for this hunt
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I hunted at Del Norte many, many years ago. That is some beautiful, cursed country and to actually kill an animal there is quite the feat. Good job.
We just got back from two weeks in Lajitas and drove right by you.
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Awesome all the way around! Not what I was expecting in the pictures!
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Thatís awesome!! Congrats
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