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Default Poor man Ozonics...opinions?

So last year I bought in the idea of smoking my hunting clothes. Well this year, and the area I am hunting, trying to go in clean and as unscented as possible so thought about the Ozonics concept. Being an old cheap b&%$@?d, and finding an HME Slammer Ozone generator on sale at my local Atwoods, I bought one. After doing everything I could to get rid of the smoke smell and still could smell it, I tossed this thing in a tote and in 30 mins, everything smelled like a rainstorm and zero trace of the smoke detected. I was wondering if anyone has used one of these units in their ground blind and if so, how did you use it/hang it? I understand the concept of creating a draft, minimize the window openings, etc.
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Gets great reviews.

We also installed a Ozone closet at the lease using a $69 Amazon Ozone machine.

Every time we get back from hunting clothes go into the closet.
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