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Default HHA Virtus vs QAD HDX

I drive the 70 miles down to Texas Archery in Spring to get my new bow set up a week ago. I have been running QAD rests on my bows for quite some time so I wanted to get another one for the new bow. Unfortunately, the were backordered for several months when they are typically always in stock. All they had were some oddball colors on some bows on the wall.Talking with one of the techs, he asked if I had ever tried the HHA Virtus, which is very similar to the QAD. They had some coming in soon. I went back up there yesterday and we put one on my bow. He pulled a bow on the wall with a purple QAD and grabbed my bow with the Virtus. He wanted to show me how they noticed the Virtus was twice as quiet as the QAD. I couldn't believe the difference. I like the way the QAD looks more but do far I'm loving the HHA rest. We'll see how it holds up and performs over time compared to the QAD's that I've had. Anyone else ever ran one of these?
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I haven’t personally. But don’t think you could go wrong with the hha from what I seen/read.
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