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Six Point
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Default Filling in Dirt Road Pit HELP

We have a dirt road that leads out to our ranch near paris, tx that floods very easily when it rains. With trees on both sides of the road it takes along time to dry out. At the bottom of the road there is a pit that collects all of the water and sometimes impossible to drive through. We have loaded about 4 dump trucks of crushed concrete into it but it just sinks down into the mud or washes away.

If i bought 25 bags of concrete and placed them into it before a hard rain do you think they will harden and help it out?

If not any ideas?
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Pope & Young
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i did this on a smaller scale and it worked. I had an area that would rut up so deep that the bottoms of the rangers and trucks would smack ground So I just lined the ruts with quick crete. dropped in dry bags in the groves. No longer have an issue. and this spot is an entrance into a creek so it gets wet alot.
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GA Bowhunter
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I would wait until it dries. Fix the subgrade, install a culvert, roll in good clay to proper compaction and roll in some #4 stone and then roll in some GAB(road base).

That is without laying eyes on the actual issue.

If it is a really bad spot you may need some surge stone under it.

We have put roads through wetlands with this method(residential development).
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Six Point
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Make sure they are in ruts and flush with ground on sides and they'll work fine. At least they did on a problem spot on my drive.

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Pope & Young
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I'd fix the sub grade and then install some of this.

Then add your rock on top. This will keep your rock from sinking.
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Avid Hunter
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I used the geotextile fabric and has worked well. Prevents any aggregate from sinking into the soil.
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