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Pope & Young
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Default Rifling Twist

Thinking about an AR-type rifle to mount my new thermal scope on--haven't decided on caliber but due to availability of .223 ammo and use (pigs/varmints) what's everyone's thoughts on twist?
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Pope & Young
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heavier bullets need a faster twist, lighter bullets much slower,,, so figure out the weight you want to sling and then choose,,, 1 will do it all, but half of it poorly
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Pope & Young
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If building for hunting, I would go 1-8 twist with the 223 wylde chamber if being particular on the build. This will handle most all your needs from 55gr up. Actually, a good 5.56 bbl with 1-7 twist will do the same & save you a little $$$ due to availability.

I'm gonna be testing some 75gr reloads on my 12.5" 1-7 twist Daniel Defense M16 build the next couple of days & will let you know
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Ten Point
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If were shooting pigs and varmints with thermal, Im assuming fairly close shots. If thats the case, Id lean towards a 55 grain vmax, which would do very well out of a 1/9 twist.

I recently replaced my 1/9 twist DPMS barrel with an 8 twist AR stoner (both super high quality, I know ). I have yet to find an inexpensive factory 55 grain load that the new barrel likes. The old barrel would shoot Tula about 1.5 at 100, the new one is more like 4. I have handloads that shoot really well with 55 and 75 grainers in the Stoner.

Like has been said before, figure out what weight bullet you want to shoot and let that decide twist rate.
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Pope & Young
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The faster the better for the heavier bullets..
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