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Pope & Young
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Leander
Hunt In: Leander, my back yard
Default Have acorns always been this bad?

I've been hunting the hill country since 96. It seems like the acorns have been excessive for about the last 10 years or so. I don't remember them being such a big problem when I first started hunting out here.

This year is called a "Mast" year, seems like it's been this way for the last 10+ years.

Weird thing is that when the acorns fall at my house the deer shut completely down and go nocturnal. I have a lease near San Angelo that has tons of oak trees but the deer there are still moving around like nothing ever changed.
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Athens
Hunt In: Jack/Coleman/Henderson

I’ve never witnessed a hail storm of acorns like I have this year. Corn and food plots mean nothing right now to my deer. Occasionally pass through but majority of the feeding is taking place under oaks.
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Still Hunter
Ten Point
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Location: Tx
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I have one large red oak in my back yard and I literally filled 5, 33 gallon trash cans full of nothing but acorns. It has been much greater than usual.
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Pope & Young
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Location: Goldthwaite
Hunt In: Mills County

I have never, in my 65 years in Mills county, seen this many. Cattle not eating hay like they have in years past because of them. Old wives tale says it's going to be cold and dry in January thru March. Time will tell.
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Ten Point
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Not much activity at our feeders. But they do go to protein
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Ten Point
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I don't think the deer are really nocturnal, they are just not having to move out of their beds to eat acorns. Why travel if you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed Bumper crop in Parker Co too... Corn not being touched
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