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Pope & Young
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Default Affordable Outfitters/North Tx Hunting lodge review ... donít goooooo

My friends for my bachelor party decided it would be fun to go on a hog hunt. Once the idea was pitched to me I was on board completely. When my friend Cody First started the search for places to hunt (James) the owner immediately started sending pictures of hogs on trail cam and the blinds. Looked good, sounded good- free range.... well, when we rolled into town our lodging was at a broken down home with a annoying neighbor dog which will bark most of the night. Thatís okay, we knew not to expect a lot as we were going for a good time and to shoot some of those hogs we had been sent on trailcam.

At about 5:00pm after we have been in town since lunch our guide (Justin, friend of Wyatt who is James son) shows up to take us out for the evening. He said he had been checked trail cams and Corning the area- he said he expected us all to have shot by 11 pm. We sat in those blinds for hours- we saw some deer, cows, a few skunks, a coon, and a armadillo. No pigs- we spent the next night looking for sign of hogs- no rooting, very few tracks, nothing to speak of. Yes...our guide took us all back to the same area and same stands even though there was no sign. Even to the point of telling us he had seen 20 hogs there the night before.... it rained, lots of thick mud... we saw no hog sign or much sign of anything..

I get hunting can be difficult, I get there are no guarantees in free range hunting. But we were lied to, the owner never showed his face, they donít take you to the areas they show you pictures of and trail camsó- they donít seem to care about hunters.... I havenít said this about many people in my life but I feel like they are crooks- stay away from this place .... far far away....

I know I am not much in terms of hurting their business but I sure donít want yíall to be taken advantage and stolen from like we were. If you wanted to text them and let them know yíall would not be coming to hunt there ever that would be pretty funny. From doing research after the fact it looks like they have been getting away with this for a few years at least... so watch out for any hunting outfits around Bryson, Jermyn, jacksboro, Graham... Jack countyó- just thinking of areas around where they might try and disguise who they are and what outfitter.... it looks like they are already trying to change their website name from affordable outfitters to north Texasó- anyway, here is James number if you want to text a little note ó- 19404560685.... and Justin our ďguideĒ 940-229-0355

I say again..... please donít give these guys your money- all we wanted was a chance to hunt hogs and feel like you had a chance. They made no attempt to help that happen nor cared about us to even come by the house and talk. Itís a money taking move as many people through kind of operation.
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Ten Point
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I happened upon this place when I was looking for a whitetail hunt up that direction. Their website gave me a bad mojo feeling so I didn't give it a second look.
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Ten Point
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Thank you for the info.
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We had the same type of experience on a deer hunt opening weekend of bow season. We hunted a morning and one afternoon and left, we decided it wasnít worth our time to stay. Before leaving our guide said come back for any kind of hunt you want rifle or bow. I contacted the owner about what his guide had said trying to set something up and he wouldnít answer his phone only text and wouldnít call back. I went back and forth with James over text about taking him up on our hunt that we were promised and he wanted more money to do the hunt.... Finally he caved in and said come back to hunt no charge but it was a 4 hour drive out there and at that point I was so ticked off that it just wasnít worth it.
DO NOT use this outfitter itís not worth it and is a SCAM

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Johnny Dangerr
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Pope & Young
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Duly noted...
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White Falcon
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That really stinks. I guess if you have some property and no conscience it is a pretty easy way to make some money. Put up a website with pictures and promises and they will come.
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J Loves Huntin
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Thanks for the info. Sorry that happened to you guys! Weddings are stressful enough without losing money for no reason!
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Four Point
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This is happening all over...we work too hard for our money to be ripped off by some POS outfitter/people posing as.
If they send you pic.of their place with hogs, ask to see those stand site for scouting. Even ask.about last group that may have hunted there as reference.
Due diligence as hunters

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