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Four Point
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Default Extreme Bow Hunting / Bravo Outdoors

What a GREAT week at Extreme Bowhunting with Caleb Hill and his amazing dogs!! We traveled all the way from North Carolina and it was well worth it. Caleb was straight forward form the begging that the hu ring had been tougher with everything green and blooming but no matter we had a blast saw plenty of vrotters and went home with some meat in the cooler. More importantly to us Caleb was a fantastic host and he k owns his stuff. The most impressive to me was the quality of work he has his dogs doing. Frankly I have never seen dogs that are this good and this much fun to watch them work. His go to dog Champagne could literally find a needle in a haystack and Merlot blew me away with what he can do at such a young age. I shot an axis doe a little high but still caught the top of one lung. This thing was not going out easy and we had no blood at all. Caleb put Merlot and his other pup Loney our where I shot. They worked and ran and the ram alote more and I thought for sure I lost her. 10 minutes later and about 3/4 mile away we hear Merlot barking. We jumped in the side by side and sure as the world he had that Axis doe and had her down it was amazing because there was still no blood. We dont kill enough where we live to need dogs like that but for you locals Caleb and the dogs of Bravo Outdoors are the ticket to finding your wounded critters!!! Awesome week as always in TX!!!
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Very nice congrats on the meat. See any big axis or other trophy animals?
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