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Bro. Bill
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Smile Developing Faith through Adversity. Who was this one for today

Developing Faith through Adversity
2 Corinthians 11:23-30
It doesn't seem fair, does it? Paul spent his life serving Christ, and yet he experienced continual suffering. Why would God let one of His most faithful servants go through so much pain? This isn't just a question about Paul; it's an issue we face today. In our minds, the Lord should protect His loyal followers from hardships, but He doesn't necessarily do so.
Maybe our reasoning is backwards. We think faithful Christians don't deserve to suffer, but from God's perspective, suffering is what produces faithful Christians. If we all had lives of ease without opposition, trials, or pain, we'd never really know God, because we'd never need Him. Like it or not, adversity teaches us more about the Lord than simply reading the Bible ever will.
I'm not saying we don't need to know Scripture; that's our foundation for faith. But if what we believe is never tested by adversity, it remains head knowledge. How will we ever know the Lord can be trusted in the midst of trouble if we've never been challenged by hardship? God gives us opportunities to apply scriptural truths to the difficulties facing us, and in the process, we find Him faithful. For example, how would Paul ever have known the strength of Christ if he had never been weakened by pain, persecution, and adversity?
Depending on your response, trials can be God's greatest means of building faith or an avenue to discouragement and self-pity. If you'll believe what Scripture says and apply its principles to your situation, your trust in God will grow, and your faith will be strengthened through adversity.
Dr. Stanley
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Ten Point
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Eight Point
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Love it !!


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Gerald G
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Very good message Bro Bill
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Ten Point
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Satan wants us to turn our back on Christ so he throws all kinds of stuff at us. For me, the more adversity that comes my way is just confirmation that I’m on the right track serving God. He will ALWAYS see me through.
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Pope & Young
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Thank you for sharing these words. I am in a constant struggle to be on the right path…. Currently fighting with the demons that entangle us with the way of the devil.

I just need to find a good church and or community of Believers that I can follow and learn from. Thanks again for sharing.
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Eight Point
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I believe the God used the pain I’ve experienced in losing my son to bring me and my family closer to him and strengthened our prayer life and faith. It doesn’t change the fact that we are left with a huge hole in our hearts, but we do have the confidence that we will all be together again one day. RIP son

Thank you Bro. Bill for the nuggets of wisdom you share.
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Four Point
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