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Ten Point
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Default Protein feed costs

We are fixing to integrate feeding protein at our place for the coming year. Trying to find a product and source between Kerrville and sweet water.

Also trying to get a good estimate on cost per ton preferably bagged. So what should we expect?
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Pope & Young
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Palmers in San Angelo has a couple good options. We will feed the eco deer high fat the first round after the rut, the regular eco deer until the horns start dropping, and their BC23 through summer. All of those are mixed with split peas. The peas will save you some $$.

I really like the BC23 as it was formulated in my area. Not cheap but well balanced IMO.

Purina would also be a good option but for us the dealer in San Angelo is way to expensive on everything.

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Which ever you chose you can can immediately cut your price in half when you can effectively stop waste from coons.coonhoods are the only product proven to stop coons from stealing protein. Learn more at
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Mike Murphey
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We are paying $400 per ton for L/E delivered in bulk. we usually have 8 tons delivered at a time, about every 2 months....bags were too hard to handle and took too much time....come to find out by going bulk and having it delivered and feeders filled was cheaper than going to get the bagged protein and the hunters filling the feeders...
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Four Point
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Just had 7 tons delivered to ranch last friday for $349/ton of the Purina Rut and conditioning. I will go to Purina Antler Max 20% after that first batch runs out in about a month. The antler max 20% ran $386/ton last year delivered.
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