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Four Point
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Default Stocking a pond

We have a tank on our farm that stays pretty muddy. Not sure if thereís much grass down there, but was wondering if anyone knew what itís like stocking a pond with crappie and bass. What would the pond need first? What am I look at as far as cost?

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Pope & Young
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If it's there long enough and the water is ok the birds will stock it for you.
But I'll take awhile

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Ten Point
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^I've heard three years. Not sure where that number comes from. There's a little bit of info in a previous thread.

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Catch some bluegills and throw in there. Few months later catch and throw a few bass in there.

Don't put crappie in it.
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How large is the pond? I wouldn't recommend Crappie or Bass unless you are talking 3+ acres. Also, where is your pond located? In East Texas I treated my 1 acre pond with lime (4 tons) to raise the ph; then I stocked it will Coppernose Blue Gill, Fathead Minnows, Red Ear Sunfish, and Channel Catfish.

It's been amazing to watch the pond come alive. Plants, turtles, birds, and somehow a few bass have snuck in.
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My Uncle put a 10 acre pond on the farm years ago, primarily to look at, but wanted to fish too. Contacted the local biologist who was very helpful. Determined fish/species density it would support, had him put in a certain number of bluegills, couple months later the bass, and the second year added some catfish. The numbers balanced and it has been a great pond for 20+ years.
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Eight Point
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We dug a half acre pond to build up our yard before we built the house.. this was about a year and a half ago. I noticed mud cat in the pond yesterday and a lot of minnows. I haven't put a single fish in it myself.. I guess birds stocked it for me.. now I need a couple big ops to eat the mud cat
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Crappie are better suited for bigger impoundments.
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