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Default Savage Youth Axis Compact?

So.. I have one of these for my kiddos in .223 with a simple crosshair reticle. It's stock except for an upgraded trigger spring. Have it sighted in about 1-2" high at 100 yards. We usually practice at 100 but I feel confidant my kids can shoot it out to 200. Good little cheap rifle!


Two things: My older one is getting older. And, we won a hunt (may or may not be able to go) that requires at least a .243 caliber

I don't think it's worth stepping up from .223 to .243. It looks like the next step up after that (in these rifles) is the Creedmoor, which would be good cause I have a stock pile of good ammo. I think she can handle the recoil at this point np..

My question is are these rifles capable of shooting 300-400 yards accurately with really good ammo and a decent bdc scope?

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I started my granddaughter with a Savage compact Axis in 7mm-08. She's 16 now, but still tiny. Nothing wrong with the caliber from most uses.
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Yes. The savage axis compact in 6.5 cm will be more than adequate at those ranges.

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I built one out of new 700 SPS , 1st got a HS Precision stock
With a Kydex Cheek piece. Badger Rings, oversized Bolt , and a Nightforce
56mm shv... its a Tackdriver with factory Remington
140 psp.... Impressive for the money.. But the optics
Are where its at on any nice rifle ..
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The rifle will be more than capable. Not sure about the BDC reticle. You will have to see how much off the bdc reticle is at 400 yard.
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