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Default Never too old to experience something new in the woods.

Maybe some of yíall have experienced this but it was a first for me.
So Iím sitting in my tripod. Itís pretty much out in the open with just some trees behind me so Iím wearing a gillie suit to help break up my outline.
Iím 25 yards from my feeder. Iíve already had a couple of does come in and spooked so when a couple of young bucks came in I figured theyíll probably spook also.
Thereís a small four point and a good sized six point. Both are calm and have looked my way but werenít bothered by my presence. Then I start feeling a slight tickle up in my sinuses. I start doing every trick I know to suppress a sneeze but it doesnít work. I tried to muffle it as best I could but itís like shooting a suppressed rifle with full powered ammo. Yeah itís a little quieter but youíre still breaking the sound barrier. I looked up expecting both bucks to be gone but nope, they just looked at me and went back to eating. Well that totally surprised me. Now if I sneeze once thereís a good chance that thereís ten to thirty more right behind the first. I ended up sneezing about ten times and those bucks never spooked. In fact, after the first sneeze they just kinda ignored me. Crazy!
After the final sneeze the little four point walked over my way, as though he was looking for the source of that noise. He walked right under my stand and then circled around it and then just walked away. The six point ate a few minutes more and then just moseyed off.
Definitely something new for me.
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