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Pope & Young
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Had a great weekend with a couple of my boys, daughter-in-law, boatload of grandkids. We had some burgers and hot dogs yesterday. Kids played in the creek for hours. They came back and told me that they saw fish and I knew that we didn't have fish in the creek so I offered them $5 for each fish to they could catch. Next thing I know they were making fishing lines and grabbing buckets and taking off for the woods. Well that cost me $10 because they brought back two perch out of a creek that I've never seen a fish in.

All the kids got to drive the mule around the property. We went to a new property down the road that I got access to hunt and showed them around. Everybody swam in the 9 ft poly tank.

and all the poor kids believed me about the Bigfoot living on the property

Good times.

Semper Fi
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Pope & Young
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Default KCA Ranch. A Work in Progress.

Leave it to Bobby to scar those kids forever with the Bigfoot sightings. I also see a snipe hunt or 3 in their future.

Good group of bachelor bucks Boooby!
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