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Default Just want to brag on my buddy Zeke!

A friend and I were both hunting yesterday afternoon. About 6:00pm, he texted me that he had shot a doe. He said the shot looked good, and that he would get down and look for her before it got dark. At about 7:00, he texted me again saying he had good blood for a little bit but then lost it. He said he was still confident the shot was good, but was gonna back out to let my tracking dog Zeke find it. My friend is colorblind, and as such, itís got to be good blood for him to see it.

Anyway, I ended up not seeing anything to shoot at, so at dark I got out and went back to meet my friend and go track his doe.

My dog is a Jack Russell Terror :laughing:. He is crazy full of energy and can be very hard headed. That being said, he is also the best dang dog I have ever had!!!

Anyway, I got Zeke ready and his tracking collar on, and he was ready to go. I carried him over to the arrow, and while looking at it thought I noticed some guts in the shaft. I asked my buddy if he was sure if the shot and showed him what I thought I was seeing on the shaft. He still said he thought the shot was money, and that she should be dead in short order.

Well, Zeke got on a scent trail real fast. I run him on a leash and he was pulling extra hard. We went a ways in a direction that seems off from what my friend had told me was her direction of travel. Maybe 75yds out, I was just about to pull him off and go back to start over again, when BAM, there was a spot of blood on the ground. So we kept going, and the blood spots became more frequent. In with the blood, I could also see guts. At this point, I knew the shot was not what he thought he had seen!

Zeke was really pulling me hard, and thru some thick stuff too. About another 100yds into it, we rounded a clump of brush and the deer jumps up and runs, still alive!!! Zeke drug me thru some patches of shin oak that were thick. I lost my hat and headlight. Luckily I caught them on the way to the ground and just kept going with them In my hand. I heard her jump up a second time a little farther on, and figured she must be pretty bad off to not want to go any farther than she did before lying back down. The third time we caught up to her, she was pretty much done for. The deer was recovered!!!!

Im not sure if we would or would not have found this deer without Zeke, but we positively did recover her with him. When I got him, the intention was to make a tracking dog out of him. Itís been a long couple years with some good recoveries, and some disappointments where we did not recover. Itís a long learning process, mostly for me, as he knows what he is doing.

Anyway, I just love to see him doing his thing and finding wounded/lost deer that we likely never would have found on our own! I didnít get any pics of Zeke with ďhisĒ doe (he thinks they are his after he finds them, and is very possessive of them) as I left my phone at the vehicle when we started tracking.

But hereís a few pics of Zeke doing his thing:

When I started, I didnít really have a clue what I was doing with training Zeke to track critters. I do however hunt quite a bit, so he gets lots of chances to get after critters. I am certainly still learning to read him and figure out whether heís actually on a critter or not. We are getting better and better as we ďhuntĒ more and more together. It is sooooooooooooooooo cool and rewarding to see him be successful at finding these critters.

Anyway, just thought Iíd brag on my pup a little!!


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