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Default Whatís the difference?

Whatís the difference in these two bows that justifies guys (myself included) buying the more expensive bow? Between these two bows as an example what really makes them more than double the price, and worth it for someone to spend that much extra. Thanks in advance
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The expensive one's made in China so maybe you're paying for the shipping and exoticness LOL

If you are looking something kind of in between those two in the white line, the ventems seem to get good reviews
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One is carbon one is aluminum. IMO the average bowhunter wonít notice a difference unless they regularly hunt in near freezing temperatures. Carbon isnít as cold in the hand. To be fair I havenít shot them new RX-7 but it canít be that much better than the last. Specs may be faster on the RX-7 but Iím not sure. I can say pretty confidently that the RX-7 isnít worth the price tag. Maybe picking up a used one is the best option.

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