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Question Youth Hunt - Cooper or White Oak Creek

I've just received notices of selection for two Youth Hunts for my 8 year old nephew. One is on Cooper WMA (Gun Deer Antlerless), the other is on White Oak Creek WMA (Gun Deer Either Sex). They're both scheduled for 10/27 & 10/28. Trying to figure out where to take him.

I've only scouted Cooper a few times since moving out here a year ago. I've scouted the area around Peerless and the area where Hwy 71 and the South Sulphur meet, on the east side of the Sulphur. I've found some sign here and there. The issue is that, at least in the areas that I've been, the underbrush is REALLY thick. I can deal with that if it gets me where I need to be. However, I'm not sure that my skinny little 8 year old nephew has the strength and determination to get through it.

I've never even driven out around White Oak Creek. So I have no clue what it's like.

Which area do you guys think I should focus on for this Youth Hunt, Cooper or White Oak Creek? Do you have any suggestions on areas within either of these WMAs where I should start scouting to try and find a spot for him to hunt?

This is the first hunt I've ever been drawn for. So any tips or info you can provide on how these hunts work would be greatly appreciated.

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Cooper is bowhunted fairly hard, you just have to get a corp permit, white oak on the other hand is draw only I think. I would probably pick white oak just because it is pressured less, but you should call both places and talk to the wildlife biologist to get an idea on which place is better.
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No Corp permit to bowhunt at need the AHP ($48.00),hunting license and archery stamp. I've hunted both WMA's for years and if it twer me I'd do WOC. It will be easy to kill a doe at either place but at least he has a chance at a buck at WOC. But bear in mind both WMAs are under antler restrictions.The people running both places are very helpful and will try to put you in the best compartment they can.Do me a favor and kill any nasty,stinkin' hogs you see!
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Thanks for the info guys! I really appreciate it! I'll have to head over and do some scouting and WOC.

Take care!
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I am pretty sure you can ride a 4wheeler on WOC but I don,t think so on Cooper
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Gary, white oak creek is alot of river bottom and they do allow ORV but you have to follow dps regulations concerning ORV on public hunting and you have to have the ATV course certificate. I believe TPWD will assign yall compartments on the Cooper hunt. The youth hunts I have been on with my daughter they have assigned us a particular area. I have seen big bucks at both WMA's so it would be a coin toss for me. Good luck. P.S. My daughter was drawn for Richland creek gun deer antlerless/spike. It's been a while since I have been there. I will need to do my homework.
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