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Default What is the closest you have come to death?

In high school I was walking out of the deer woods without a light. Kid in another stand I was walking by thought I was a deer and he shot at me and missed. It was well after shooting light. I don’t know he was hunting and vice versa. Thank God he was a bad shot.

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May8, 2020. Heart attack. 99 percent blockage of “the widow maker”
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I was taking my younger brother duck hunting one morning when I was still in high school. We left the boat launch before daylight like we had done many times before and I knew the area well enough to run without a spot light for a ways. We rolled down to where I would have to turn into a small cut going off the main canal so I reached down to grab my Qbeam so I could see and it took me a second to find it on the floor of the boat. When I finally grabbed the Qbeam and turned it on we were doing about 30mph and going through the middle of some pilings left sticking about 4 feet out of the water from where a camp had once been. We never touched a piling somehow, I'll never forget that light going on and seeing what I was sure was my end only feet in front of me.
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Originally Posted by MUZZYSLINGR View Post
I was diagnosed with cancer and given approximately 2 weeks left to live. That was in 1991.
Wow, incredible.
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June 14, 2018

I got up at 1:32 am to use the bathroom. I remember looking at the clock on the way to the restroom. I was very tired and I ran into the bathroom door jam. I remember hitting my head, rubbing it and thinking to myself "that's gonna hurt in the morning." I got back in bed knowing that I had to be at work the next morning at 7 am.

At 2:17 am my wife heard me making a strange noise. She thought I was snoring and tried to get me to roll over. I didn't respond so she tried to roll me over again, still nothing. As she got up to turn on the light, my daughter was coming across the house from her bedroom asking her mom what that noise was. My wife told her it was me and that she couldn't wake me. Once they turned the light on, they realized I was unresponsive and in bad shape. They grabbed me and slid me off the bed. My wife called 911 and was instructed to start CPR. They are both trained in CPR and knew what to do. My wife started working on me, my daughter went outside to wait for the Fire Department.

When EMS got there, they found me still unresponsive with my wife performing CPR. They took over and started working me. They hooked me up to the monitor and it showed I was in V-Fib. They shocked me, resumed CPR, and kept working me. At 2:30 am I regained consciousness as they packaged me for transport to the hospital. I remember saying "everyone to slow down, I am ok, let me catch my breath." I also remember having conversations with the medics in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

At the hospital I was in and out for a while, I never lost my pulse again but I was fatigued and lethargic. The next morning I woke up surrounded by family and friends.

Over the next few weeks I met with a couple of different cardiologists. They ran me thru the ringer... Cardiac MRI, Cath test (morning of the event), 2 brain MRIs, 2 Sleep Studies. Finally, they came to the conclusion that I was very lucky to be alive because they couldn't find anything wrong with any of my organs, heart, brain... nothing. On August 1, 2018 a pacemaker/defibrillator was installed. Dr says it's the safety net for the next time. They know it will happen again but just don't know when.

I'm very thankful that it happened the early morning of the 14th. If it would have been the next night, I would be dead. I was scheduled to be on-duty at the fire station and sleeping in my own quarters by myself....
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1.) When I was 3 my sister found me at the bottom of the pool with my tricycle on top of me. Parents didn’t know I had figured out how to open the gate outside the pool.

2.) when I was 15 and only had my learners permit, my dad had me driving to the deer lease after a football game for practice. As we topped a hill on old Hwy 82 west of Gainesville, there was an oncoming truck passing in our lane. Somehow I swerved and missed him, but there were no shoulders so I ended up in the ditch and ended up sideways 4 separate times and somehow recovered it all 4 times until we came to a stop. After we got out we realized the driver side mirror was busted off. My dad still swears his reaction time wouldn’t have been fast enough to avoid the collision. He made me drive until we got to Muenster so I wouldn’t let it scare me off of driving altogether.

3.) At 19 I was doing some arborist work cleaning up some storm damage when the limb I was tied into gave way. I took a 20 foot unrestricted fall. It knocked me out for a good while, and I never did any of the concussion protocol I should have. My back is still jacked up from that one.

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