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Deers & Beers
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Default Anyone hunt Turkey around Fredericksburg?

Have a question for you...

About when (I know it varies) do the Turkey really start answering calls and strutting in in that general area? I know it can be very different depending on where you are in Texas..

My friend has a family ranch between Fredericksburg and Llano. The 1st year we went a few years ago was the 1st weekend in April and the Turkey were very responsive and we had a blast, no pun intended.

The year after we went a weekend earlier (last weekend in March) and the Turkey were much quieter. We each got a Turkey but we really got lucky.

This got us thinking that maybe that was a little too early, but then everyone on TBH started posting lots of Turkey activity in mid-March? So then we started thinking, maybe we are too late??

So my friend went out solo this year the weekend of 3/23 and said it was DEAD quiet. We both went out on the weekend of 4/6 (which was actually a slightly later date than when we did so well a few years back) and same thing, DEAD quiet. We almost made it work, but again, we would have just gotten lucky and even then it's not that much fun hunting quiet Turkey.. We know the Turkey are there. We probably heard 20+ gobblers on their roost one morning during an electric storm..

Anyways, we're trying to decide if our dates are bad or if something else is going on (too pressured/over-hunted, etc.)

When are you guys that hunt the same area having good activity?
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Hawkpuppy 1
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They are still going pretty good down here at Medina. Heard a decent number of birds Sunday morning near Meridian too
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