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Pope & Young
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Default String Walking And It's Effect On Bow Noise

String walking certainly can be louder on the shot, but it does not have to be, and definitely not significantly so.
Just as with everything else related to our equipment, it boils down to tuning. The better the tune, the quieter it will be.

I tune for shooting with no crawl, and it works just fine for me.
Some may have to tune a bit different. You just have to work with it.

The only thing I have ever noticed about my string walking is, the farther down the string I crawl, the more nock low my arrow flight is, but even that is only slight (even with a 5 yard crawl), and not anywhere near enough to make a difference on the shot, especially at those distances.

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Pope & Young
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If I nock 3/4" low,my bow is at it's quietest. Just a little experimenting I did a while back.
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