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Four Point
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Default Video Camera Pros & Cons

Ok so I have been doing research and reading past threads concerning this topic. I want to get myself a video camera and begin to video my adventures and hunts. I know there are quite a few guys here who film regularly and some who are just beginners. I know what cameras are highly recommended and I've watched the tutorial videos on filming. What I would like to see are guys & gals who do their own filming regardless of experience give their opinions and advice on their personal experience with what equipment they are using and a list of the pros & cons. Today at best buy I was looking at some lower end cameras in the $200 -$300 range and I was trying to make my own comparisons but without actual experience I have no idea what the literature means and what I'm actually looking for. Some topics I feel are important: battery life, low light conditions, external microphone (is it needed), speeds of filming (what's recommended?) Slow motion capabilities, ease of downloading videos, zoom, clarity, durability, water resistance. I have seen where some have used a cheaper camera and the videos seem nice to me when using the Panasonic HCV180, today I looked at several small canon cameras that seemed nice but I just realized I do not know enough to understand what I actually need. So please all who do have a camera list what you have what you like or dislike about your set up and any recommendations that I could study on.
Miguel E. Luna
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Pope & Young
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I upgraded to a Panasonic 770 (I believe but will check). Itís an awesome unit. I went with 1080 instead of 4K cause Iím not a pro and didnít want to spend the extra money. For what I do, this unit works great!

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Ten Point
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I have something like that Panasonic HCV180 and works fine for me, Takes an SD card so it's pretty cut and dry.
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I do all my filming with gopros and a canon r700. Everything is 1080 for me as I don’t have the money for 4K yet. I’m a beginner myself and just started filming a year ago from my phone and upgraded to actual cameras about 8 months ago. I haven’t had anyone complain about video quality yet so I would imagine the cameras work. You can check out some of my videos to see the capabilities as far as zoom and sound quality for the camera I have if you’d like. I do run an external mic quite often as very seldom is their minimal wind where I don’t get wind noise. As well as I have several lenses I’ll swap out depending what I’m filming.
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I use a Canon xa20 that I bought used from a customer. It’s great for what I do and will do way more than what I do with it but I really only care about shot sequence. Nobody wants to listen to my jibberish. Low light features are one of the most important to a good video camera. Spend more money, get better low light quality.

But from working with a serious Youtuber, I can tell you microphones are important. Both on the camera and the lapel versions. Also, he must have twenty different ways to mount a camera to tree, box blind, ladder etc...

Michael has a couple of videos here that would really help you with specifics.

It’s fun and countless dollars can be spent if you so choose. The A series Sony’s seem to be top of the line for both video and stills. They’re incredible.

Whatever you do, have fun with it.
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Ten Point
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I use a very old Panasonic HD video camera. Probably similar to a low-end model at Best Buy these days in the $300 range. As long as you have HD the videos are great when playing them back on a TV. Crisp and clear. If you go to the higher end models then all the better. Watch videos that Michael has here or on YouTube.
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