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Default Lasers for ARís?

Iíve seen some videos of people using lasers on ARís to assist with aiming. Seems most helpful for night hunting pigs from a side by side. If youíve ever been in this situation, you know that getting into a red dot or scope can be troublesome with external lighting not being absorbed into the sight housing. Iíve decided a laser would greatly assist in making quick shots, problem is all decent lasers are primarily built for IR use with night vision. Does anyone one have experience with high power lasers, not used in conjunction with night vision? Thanks.

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I don’t have experience without using nightvision. My run and gun in the side by side pig blaster is a suppressed 300blk AR running a Steiner OTAL-C IR laser and a surefire M952V for white and IR lighting.

There are some solid options now that were not available when I got the Steiner, or at least I didn’t find them in my searches. Not sure what your budget is, but I’d check these out:

Good budget option:

Expensive, but has all options and covers you for future NVG use(you know you want/need them):

If you hate money and want one of the best:
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Even the best lasers are not visible in bright sunlight, so I wouldn't want to rely on one exclusively. I use IR lasers for night hunts, and they are great for that application. I use green lasers on some of my handguns, but they are only useful in lower light situations.
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I use to use a Red pistol laser mounted on a pic rail on gas block. Worked great. I used it chasing down pigs with SxS and shooting them. Now that seldom if ever happens in my area. I would go for it. I used some cheap sight marks up to higher end ones. Just make sure its adjustable.
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I dont know about using it with a scope. I have used one on an astronomy scope to use for alignment. Looking at it through the scope the beam widens out to much to know where the point of impact would be. I have a cheap green one I bought off of Amazon for an AR pistol I have and it works great out to about 100 yards.
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I bought a Sightmark green laser/light with "pressure pad" on/off switch for my home defense AR. I haven't mounted it yet so I can't give a review.
My thinking a combo would make it easier to identify then have instant aiming point. I will have a suppressor on it. .223 going off inside a house will surely end what's left of my hearing.
I bought it from Europtics along with the Athlon 1-10 scope for when I want to just shoot it.

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