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I have worked in banking for over 30yrs now and a good community bank is hard to beat. You usually talk to the same employees year after year. The bigger the bank the less customer service matters.
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Canít recommend TDECU for credit unions. You use to be able to call and speak with people at the bank closest to you, now you call and maybe after 10 minutes of hitting buttons you get ahold of someone in Michigan or wherever they outsourced customer service and all they can do is read off of the banks website home page. In person theyíre still good but pain in the butt if you ever need to call.

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We switched about 5 years ago to RBFCU and have been really happy with them.
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Originally Posted by curtintex View Post
I've always preferred community banks. I use The Mint National Bank in Kingwood, TX and Citizens State Bank in Woodville. When I call the bank, I not only want to talk to a real person, I want to talk to someone that knows who I am and I know who they are. I don't use drive-thrus. I go inside and bank in person. I don't have an ATM card. I carry cash and credit cards. When I run low on cash, I swing by the bank and get some more. I can't stand the impersonal way that most business is done today.

I really would recommend finding a smaller community bank. Introduce yourself to the president of the bank. Invite him to lunch. Interview him as to why you should bank there. Community banks thrive on the relationship side of things. It's the only way they can compete, so they do it well.
Same for me, when I call my bank they answer me by name. My rates are not the absolute best but competitive on deposits and loans. For example, I ran out of checks today for an account I don’t use much, called teller and she printed more and I picked them up in 10 minutes at the drive thru and it didn’t require an fbi interrogation to make it happen, boa, wf, chase cannot do that.

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Total opposite here.

We bank at two very small banks, plus usaa, and Chase.

Hands down, for us Chase wins.

The apps at the small banks are simply weak and underpowered.

I have my two of my banker’s cell numbers from Chase, and can call them right now if I need something. They always answer.

Now…..I don’t use ANY of their debit cards.
There is simply no reason to do so, when my Amex is accepted everywhere and doesn’t expose my bank accounts to any outside influence.
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Prosperity Bank

Use to use TDECU but they went down hill. Had quite a few issues with them l.

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We left Wells Fargo for IBC a few years back. For the most part Iím happy with that move. WF was charging fees on a couple of our accounts that irked me. Funny thing was about two years after we left, we received a reimbursement check for those fees.

Iíve had loans through TDECU and RBFCU. We didnít have a local branch for either one when we switched banks. If we had, I might have considered them.

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