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Pope & Young
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Default Evening hog hunt recap

Decided to try and whack a hog this afternoon and took the ATN topped AR so I could stay after dark if needed

Got to my spot and there were 4 young bucks on my food plot so I watched them and they made their way to within 10-15yds before working on off

Got dark and I hadnít even seen or heard a pig but I stayed put backed into a thick little patch of pine and cedar saplings

Heard something behind and to my left a little after 6 and it was a little porker about 50# already within 10yds (dirt and not many leaves, I am not deaf yet ) so I eased the .357 out and turned on my headlight but holding it in my left hand, trying to see sights and pig in the thicket I did not pay attention to where my hand was and squeezed one off

Go ahead and laugh

I saw a ball of fire and felt some pain on my left thumb. Apparently the flash around the cylinder got me.
Burned/melted a hole in my glove

Didnít find any blood so guess I missed the pig to add insult to injury

You can bet I will not be putting my hand anywhere close to that cylinder again though

And I had already ordered a Vortex Venom and mount this morning for the pistol

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Ten Point
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Glad youíre ok! Great story!

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Four Point
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Better luck next time.
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Pope & Young
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I had a guy shoot my .22 Jet once (.357 necked to .224) with cloth gloves on. Set his glove on fire !
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Pope & Young
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Better than a poke in the eye! Lol. At least you had activity this evening.
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Pope & Young
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I did something almost as "funny"---one Sunday morning prior to heading off to church I noted a starling on our martin house. Got the pellet pistol, opened the back sliding door a crack, took a steady rest and squeezed it off. OUCH!!!! That hurt!!!! looked at the index finger on my off-hand and there was a pellet embedded in it. So, hustled to the garage, got the needle-nose pliers and extracted it. Cleaned it up and bandaged it up before the wife got out of the shower. It sure was sore though. This was before digital cams and cell phones so no pics, but it did happen.
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