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Four Point
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Default Home Arrow Shop Questions

Iíve been fletching my own arrows for a while. Iíve been using the Bohning Tower Jig.

Im about to set up a nice arrow station in my shop. Iíve ordered a scale and a Bitzenburger jig. I wanted a Jojan multi fletch but couldnt find one. Im ok with that.

I just ordered a bunch of Blazer vanes on Ebay to have plenty available.

Im looming at arrow saws now. I want an arrow saw, not a Harbor Freight saw.

Any suggestions on saw? Any pics of set ups? I have a bench set up already in the shop as it used to be a leather working shop.

Im looking forward to this adventure, saving a few $ís and helping a few buddies out
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Pope & Young
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Default Home Arrow Shop Questions

My 8k rpm Weston has cut close to 5k shafts for me. About to change my first cutting wheel. Iíll but another one when the times comes. I bought it off a TBHír back in 2013, best 59 bucks I ever spent. I like the built in arrow spinners too.

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Ten Point
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One of your best investments after getting your saw will be a arrow squaring tool. It will make a huge difference in broad head flight.

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Ten Point
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I got the Revolution given to me for Xmas. Been great so far,
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Pope & Young
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Make sure saw has a dust collection system is all I got
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