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Four Point
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Just put down my Dad's 1990ish Jennings Barracuda last year. I'm having more success.
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Still shooting lights out with my 2010 Bear Strike.
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Originally Posted by Grumpyfoot View Post
Iím just curious, does any one still shoot older bows as theyíre primary?

I shoot a Mathews DXT, got it in 2010. Iíve considered getting a new bow for a few years now, but I just canít justify it. My DXT shoots great, I know it and quite literally love the thing. I think it will be a while longer before I will get another, but I will keep this one regardless.

What do you shoot? How old is it? Do you hesitate when considering something new?

Iím curious, I would like to know where you stand.
Still shooting my DXT also. I have thought about getting a new bow as well but i just can't justify it right now because the DXT gets the job done. Shoot 10+ animals a year (Deer, Hogs and Turkey).
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Four Point
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'07 Bowtech Tomkat
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